How Attention Grabbing Titles Can Negatively Affect Your Blog Reputation

Among several Content Marketing methods, blogging has been a rewarding activity for many business owners. However, it is also associated with its requirements to work hard, maintain focus on content quality, follow a well planned blogging schedule, implement a wise keyword strategy, and many other responsibilities.


Basically blogging demands attention to detail to several aspects. This is why a growing number of bloggers are realizing the significance of crafting an attention grabbing blog title for each post. There is increasing awareness on how a blog title is the first interaction that a potential reader has with any blog post. Therefore, it makes it important for a blog title to be catchy enough so as to make a great first impression. Without this persuasive and provocative quality, it becomes unlikely for the target audience to click on a blog title to further read the main blog content.


In short, blog titles should be able to capture the attention of your target readers. This conclusion brings us to a rather startling fact that a good blog title also has the potential to negatively impact your blog reputation. This is because it is a mistake to create an extraordinary title to represent an average or maybe below average blog post. Simply put, a great title for a not-so-great content can seriously damage your blog reputation. The following section explains how this damage takes place.


Catchy Titles Might Kill Your Blog Credibility


Catchy Titles

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The Bitter Disappointment


The primary objective of a blog title is to represent or summarize the main content of a blog post. Along with reflecting the central idea of the content, a blog title should have qualities like appealing, catchy, interesting, etc. But a good title for a blog post which is of little or no value to the reader basically defeats the purpose of having an attention-grabbing headline. You may increase your traffic generation but your target audience will find your Content Marketing to be disappointing. This is because your potential readers will get attracted to your blog title and click on it expecting to find content of similar caliber. But the opposite of this situation will leave them bitterly disappointed in your blog post.


Repulsion to Share


Bloggers, who aim at making money online, strive to increase traffic to their blog site, improve their SERP visibility, and promoting their business by encouraging readers to further share their blog posts on social media platforms. These goals require them to create attractive blog titles along with high quality content. If they fail to do the latter, they will find their readers to put an end to online sharing of their blog posts. In fact, some highly disappointed readers may even spread negative word-of-mouth in their social circle or on interactive social media sites.


Jeopardized Loyalty


An attention grabbing blog title has a high potential of getting traffic to your blog site. But when it is paired with blog content that does not match the quality of the blog title then you will end up with disgruntled readers. This fact has a negative and enduring impact because your content basically fails to live up to their expectations that resulted from a promising blog title. Once they build a perception about your blog posts to have deceptively good titles, you will not be able to instill loyalty in your reader base. Since repeat readership is important for converting your traffic into actual customers and generating revenue, the mismatch between your title and content quality can be an obstruction for your business goals.


The Reputation of Being Inconsiderately Focused on SEO


When it comes to creating a good blog title, it is not only for the target readers. Bloggers also focus on making their blog title good enough for SEO purposes. This requires them to use primary keywords in the title as well as in the content. But today’s audience and readers are highly aware of most internet practices. If they get attracted to a good blog title for poor quality content, they will be under the impression that the writer’s focus was only on SEO and not on adding value for them. This negative reputation will then transfer to all your future blogging efforts as well.


The Challenge Winning Back Your Lost Readers


When it comes to blogging, you really cannot turn back time. This means that your repeated mistake of presenting your target audience with a tempting blog title for inferior content drives them away from what you have to offer. Once this negative impact starts to settle in, it will become extremely difficult for you to change the reality of the situation. It is like you will be stuck with a negative blog reputation and fixing it can also be impossible at times.


Examples: Deceivingly Appealing Titles


Here are a few examples of blog posts with good titles but little value in their content. The purpose of presenting these examples is not to judge the blog quality or reputation. The aim is to just to highlight the importance of a good blog title and its ability to complement the blog content.



The blog title is from a site that focuses on weight loss tips and ideas. So, it is likely to appeal to individuals who are weight and health conscious. But when it comes to its content, it explains the rather technical processing details, not quite in layman’s terms. This fact is not represented in the clear, to-the-point blog title. Also, the length of the blog content makes it seem excessively informative, not likely to keep the reader engaged till the end.



This blog title is from a site that focuses on young entrepreneurs. Considering the nature of the target audience, it is indeed an attractive blog title. But the reason why its content misses the mark is because any individual starting an entrepreneurial journey already has the inherent qualities necessary for a business venture. Entrepreneurs are individuals who already have the necessary aptitude, knowledge, and skills; which means that most of the content has nothing new for them.



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6 Responses to How Attention Grabbing Titles Can Negatively Affect Your Blog Reputation

  1. Deliver. Follow through on your title promise. Smart bloggers snag your attention. After snagging your attention these individuals follow through persistently. Sensational post Annetta!

    Stop using deceiving titles. Respect your readers. Most focused, honest bloggers grow large readerships due to their integrity.

    Lose the urge to make a quick buck. Intend to help people and then follow through on this intent to connect with your audience effectively.

    Study blogging pros. Virtually all act from a positive, high energy place, creating entertaining and truthful titles which reel you in…in a good way 😉

    Thanks for sharing Annetta!


  2. Qasim says:

    Hi Annetta,

    You are totally right, post tittle should be an essential part of blog post marketing, however as you said it can be manipulated such as anchor text. And if it was used such as any other manipulation it will get your readers disappointed and it will harm your blog rather than help it. Thanks for this great discussion.

    • Thank you Qasim for the valuable input! A lot of blogs looking for search traffic does this trick. Well, it works for sometime but the results won’t be lasting as soon search engines realize that the visitors just bounce back.

  3. Reginald says:

    Hi Annetta,

    Thanks for sharing this. I think using the right title is vital. Catchy title is good if those words can live to the title. Don’t let your readers be disappointed as what you said.

    Great read and keep up the writing!


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