How Businesses Should Use Social Media

Marketing through social media is a business strategy which is aimed at encouraging potential customers (target market) to mutually, voluntary and free exchange  information about a certain product or service.


The advantage of marketing through social networks is that, the company, in a very short time can get feedback on their products and services. And in a very short time business can target a specific group of potential customers.


However, many business today are using social media in no different way than traditional marketing media (Newspapers, TV Advertising) which is wrong.


Social Media and Businesses


Social Media


Get New Ideas from Social Media


Advertising your product over social media is an excellent idea, but you must be aware that it’s made of people who are ready to interact, talk and share. Marketing a product over TV was all about presentation and product introduction to viewers. However, presenting products over social media should be about invoking the response from  visitors  –potential customers.


It’s Not About “YOU”, It’s About Them


Some business are using social media just for presentation while avoiding communication. This will bring  nothing but negative impact on a company. Especially if, we are talking about enterprise giants like (e.g. Coca Cola). I’d tell „It’s not all about you“. They don’t need to employ hundreds of people to interact. We are not expecting them to replay on every „Hi“ message. What about contests, polls, questions and sweepstakes? This is what social media should be about.


Social Customer Feedback Support than Marketing


On the other side, they are complaining that it’s impossible to employ so many people to interact with potential customers. It’s not secret that social profiles are managed by Marketing departments instead of more social customer feedback supports.


Utilize the Social Signals


Peoples who are monitoring social media signals are not the same people who make decisions. This means that valuable information from social signals are not even considered. If you want to take advantage of social media, everything needs to be in place to make sure the ideas  coming from customers over social networks are passed to the appropriate decision makers. Communication between customers and marketers is essential in order that feedback can cause change. Also, once potential customers realize their suggestions, ideas are being turned into reality, they’ll be more likely to contribute new ideas again.


Modern corporations are using social media. That’s a good thing. However, usage principles must change. Social Media should not be about exploiting human resources. It seems like everyone is talking about social media value, but very few businesses are taking full advantage of it. Think about how you use social media in your life…

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6 Responses to How Businesses Should Use Social Media

  1. Sarah Park says:

    Social media is indeed playing an important role in promoting ones business. With proper knowledge and strategy, we can maximize its uses to the fullest.

  2. To me, the problem is not so much that companies rely on good old offline marketing.

    Coca Cola was super successful before the advent of social media because they have always known how to create good commercials and promotional stuff. They understood very early that what mattered was the story and the people depicted in it.

    I don’t believe marketing has changed. It has always been about audiences.

    Unfortunately, too many businesses still don’t understand that.

  3. John Gaddis says:

    With the ability of social media going viral it can be a positive and a negative. Business’s must ensure the message they want to get out is the message they post.

    Bad news travels very fast and is difficult to correct.


  4. Annetta Powell says:

    @ Sarah Park:

    Very well said Sarah. Thanks for your input as always 😀

  5. Annetta Powell says:

    @ Cendrine Marrouat:

    You clearly made a good point Cendrine. However, if we come to think of it, businesses must adjust with technology and how the audience has evolved. Nowadays, a huge percentage of the global population is online, so why not take advantage of it? I agree with you though that offline marketing still works, but today, it works best when combined with online marketing strategies. Thanks for your insight buddy 😀

  6. Annetta Powell says:

    @ John Gaddis:

    Absolutely. This is why businesses should be very careful and tactful when using social media. Netizens can always react very quickly through these media, which can definitely stain a brand’s reputation.

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