Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

A person that is new to the world of Digital Marketing may find they are quite confused about what it actually entails.  It’s a term that is kind of vague for the non-technical person.  Yet every time you send an email, read a blog, watch an Internet video, send a wireless message or use instant messaging you are using Digital Marketing.  For a business, understanding the difference between digital and traditional marketing can help them to develop a strategy to effectively grow their business.


The secret in understanding the difference between the two has to do with the word digit.  In Digital Marketing there are definite ways to measure and produce the numbers of how many people are using this type of marketing.  Think about emails for example.  If a company launches an email marketing campaign there are a clearly defined number of emails that go out.  In return a business can see exactly how many emails were read and how many were responded to.  The feedback is digital hence the words digital marketing.


The Benefits of Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing

Contrast that with a more traditional form of marketing, TV ads for example.  There is no definite way to determine exactly how many people are sitting in front of the tube and watching your ad.  They can see how many TVs are on but they can’t really measure how many are watching.  With Digital Marketing though the numbers are clear and feedback can be given to you in real time.


Of course, digital marketing involves more than just sending emails.  It also includes banner ads, blogs, podcasts, video streaming and more.  The truth is that there is one common factor that is present in all Digital Marketing.  That is its use of the Internet.  Whether Wi-Fi or Broadband, Digital Marketing utilizes the Internet to reach your customer base.


The advantages of Digital Marketing are clear to the user.  What a difference a Digital Marketing report can make for a company.  Getting more accurate results on your campaign at the exact time that it is happening can help a company to see where they need to make adjustments to enhance or improve their success rate.  They will be able to see what is working and what is not.  No longer waiting months for campaigns to launch and then waiting again to see if it has been effective. The implications here can be very rewarding indeed!


If your business is comparing the pros and cons of whether to use traditional or digital marketing keep in mind that digital marketing is still marketing.  Everything that you learned about how to reach your customer base still applies.  Digital marketing is simply put, a new way of communicating with your clientele.  Your ads still have to be appealing and useful to the customer.  You still have to identify your target market and you still have to provide a product or service they want.  Digital Marketing only gives you a new and faster way to reach them with your advertising campaigns.


Just remember, our world is changing at an amazingly rapid rate.  Information is being channeled to us in real time.  As we discuss these new avenues of technology and communication there are still more being invented to communicate with us even faster than we can possibly imagine.  Getting in on the new can keep us ahead of the game.

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2 Responses to Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

  1. Catherine says:

    Thank you for this constructive post. Technology has already gone far enough to accommodate marketing needs. I for one have nothing against combining both traditional and digital marketing.

  2. Annetta Powell says:

    @ Catherine:

    You’re right. Some offline marketing strategies work well when combined with online practices. Good luck to you and your business.

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