Go Viral: Getting Content Noticed

‘Content go viral’ is all we hear on web these days. Wandering what makes your content go viral? Even school universities  are trying to find out the ‘viral’ creating content. People are attending seminars, conferences to know the same thing.


Going Viral means getting a great positive response through in very short period of time. Various keys like exiting content, serving something unique in a unique way, innovative way to approach are some of the examples which make the content go viral.


When Strategists plan a marketing layout to be executed through internet, they chisel out a way to appeal to the audience in the grandest way possible. Creating a very valuable content ranking up to the highest quality is the basic key to make the content go viral.


Let’s discuss some major similarities among the content which actually went viral:


Be Innovative


Something which people hear generally is the least attractive content. When the aim is to grab attention, the content has to have something to appeal. A different approach or a different way to present the content can give you a very loyal audience and can also make your Content go viral.


Hit the Emotional Factor


Almost everyone has an emotional factor in their behavior. People can quite easily be gathered if your content is serving something having an emotional factor. Connecting to the audiences on an emotional level helps the content to reach out to them in a far stronger way.Your audience will connect and commit to you if you reach out to their minds and hearts. What better way can there be other than an emotional touch.




The human mind remembers the visual things longer than the ones it reads. Harnessing the creativity of infographics will be a lot more visually appealing than a whole page of text. Presenting the content this way will make it unique and will have a long lasting impression on the minds of the audiences one needs to capture that will definitely help the Content go viral.


Follow Recent Trends


Serving something appropriate considering its value to the upcoming trends and fashion can make your content go viral very easily. Releasing fresh and up to date content will give you an added advantage. New content will grab lots of attention, loads of traffic to your site.


Give Them a Chance to Have a Conversation



Interactions make the things personal. Audience will feel personally connected if they are given a chance to express their opinion then and there. As our aim is to impress them to a level where they convey our message to lots of people it is morally obligatory for us to give them a sense of participation and ownership. When they will reach out to you with their opinions, it will make them feel a part of it. A sense of ownership is what the content has to create.


Momentum, appeal, connection is what the audience is searching for. Elements of surprise, emotions, information should be very perfectly blended in. Making a content go viral is not a piece of cake. You have to connect to audience to get the audience.


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3 Responses to Go Viral: Getting Content Noticed

  1. Philip Alex says:

    Hi Annetta,

    Well I feel that the most important thing about viral content is the emotional factor. It can be anger, joy or whatever, but I feel the most of the times it’s the emotion people get from that content that makes them share it with others.

    Great post, thank you for sharing this. Have a pleasant day.


  2. Fatima says:

    Nothing captures audience attention more than something emotional which they can relate to. Completely agree with your highlighted points.

  3. Annetta Powell says:

    @ Philip Alex:

    Thanks for sharing your insights. Yes, a lot of times, people react based on their emotions, so we always have to tap it in our topics.

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