Marketing Best Practice with Google Plus Business pages

Google Plus business Page for Marketing is an indispensable tool for savvy B2B Marketers and enterprises. You may not have given much thought to using it but the truth is that it really is a powerful internet marketing tool for building your online presence. Before we take a look at the best Google Plus business page practices, I feel it is important for us to look at why you should have a Google business page for online marketing.


 Google Plus Business page

Why You Should Use Google Plus for Marketing


A Google Plus marketing page allows you to create and share valuable information about your business. You can create follow buttons, +1 like buttons, video hangouts, create events, and interact with members of your community.  So, what makes Google Plus page so special for online marketing?


A well-optimized Google Plus business page for Marketing can benefit your internet business in several ways.  First, an optimized business page will help you compete favorably with your competitors in local search. Secondly, it will help you build brand or business authority through +1’s one like and consumer reviews.  Most importantly, a Google Plus business page for marketing has the potential to drive traffic to your business website and convert visitors into customers.


Create and Verify your Google Plus Business Page


The first and most important think that you should do when using Google Plus business page for marketing is to set up and verify your business page. You can simply do this by linking your official business or company website with your Google plus business page.  So, why should you verify your business page?


Verifying your Google Plus business page for marketing will enhance the legitimacy and authority of your brand and content.   A verified page also increases your chances of getting a custom URL once Google rolls out the custom URL feature. Besides establishing your legitimacy, verifying your Google Plus business page for marketing also enhances the value of your search engine (based on trust factor).


Optimize Your Google Page for the Search Engine


Once you set up and verify your Google Plus Business Page for marketing, you should proceed to optimize it by. You should use relevant and target SEO keywords (non-spammy) throughout your Google Plus business page.  Think carefully about your choice of keywords and most importantly, the keywords that show up when people conduct Google Search.   Also, make sure that you use a proper business name and business tagline.


Since Google Plus Business page for marketing integrates with Google Search, you should optimize your headlines and descriptions for the Search Engine. For the maximum effect, make sure that you include the keyword(s) in the tagline and in your intros. Assuming that you already have a Gmail account, you can add a page administrator to help you manage your Google Plus Business page for marketing.


Link Your Google Page with Your Website and Social Networks


Given the immense potential of Google Plus business page for marketing, you should integrate your business page with your social networks and your website. You can simply do this by creating and embedding links or using the +1 or share button which you can access in the Google Plus Developer’s page.


Seriously, I don’t know why some people are skeptical about linking their Google Plus business page for marketing with their social networks and even websites. The truth is that Google Plus is fundamentally a social media and content marketing channel. It has the potential to attract and engage visitors in your page and also direct them to your website.


 Promote your Business Page


It’s not enough for you to create a Google Plus business page for marketing; you should go a step further to promote it.  You can do this by adding your page to your Circles and sharing links to your business page or content in your social networks.  Make use of +1 badges and share buttons too. Encourage your employees to share news on their individual pages and in their social networks so as to encourage followers to join your Circles.


 Get and Organize Google Plus Followers


Just like Twitter and Facebook, Google Plus has a vast community of heterogeneous followers.  So, if you are thinking of using Google Plus business page for marketing to engage some members (of this vast community) then you have to attract and organize the followers and people that you engage with.



As a rule of thumb, you should never acquire automated followers rather, build your community organically one step at a time.  Take time to know who your members are, what they like doing, and the nature, composition, and conversations in their circles. Knowing your members will help you develop and implement the best online content marketing strategy for your target Google Plus community.


As you attract people to your Google Plus business page for marketing, you have to organize them so that you can optimize your content and messages for them.  The best way of doing this is to create or join the relevant circles in the Google Plus community. You can create many circles and use them to segment your community so that you can target each community with specific and relevant information.  When used properly, circles can help you track target customers and enhance the effectiveness of your Google Plus business page for marketing.



Create a Content Calendar


I know that many businesses have a rocky start when using Google Plus Business Page for marketing. Though opinions are many and varied, I believe that creating and maintaining a content calendar is the best content marketing strategy for your Google Plus business page.  A content calendar will help you plan and develop relevant content for your followers throughout the year.


Once you identify and understand the community that you’re are targeting, then you should adjust your Google Plus Business Page for marketing calendar accordingly.  You should create posts or share industry news and links to your latest blog posts.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a big brand or a small domestic business; Google Plus Business Page for marketing has great potential for you. Creating and maintaining a business page enhances the value of your internet marketing considerably by giving you an edge over your competitors.   By using Google Plus business Page for marketing, you can easily dominate local search, draw more customers, and ultimately, establish yourself as a niche expert.


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6 Responses to Marketing Best Practice with Google Plus Business pages

  1. Neil Ferree says:

    All good G+ tips Annetta. Circle Management on Plus is one of the more touchy tasks on Plus. Once you’ve got your Profile properly optimized and your social shares are on the rise, managing who you have in your Circles is where I think many Plussers could get better at. I rarely add “shared circles” in mass, rather I opt to use a Temp Circle to see if/when that person recips the connection before adding them to one of my “approved” Circles.

  2. walker says:

    Very true! I have been working on two things Facebook page Vs Google Page. Which serves my more time. I have seen more traffic from Facebook by more sales from Google plus. Was trying to figure out why but now I have realized why it is so. Thank You for the thoughtful post

  3. Logaster says:

    Thanks for posting this, I agree that best practices can be misunderstood for practices that must be implemented, when oftentimes they can go out of date and even become worst practices. It is important to do adequate research before employing a “best practice” to determine if it might be beneficial for you

  4. Annetta Powell says:

    @ Neil Ferree:

    Hi Neil, that’s a very wise circle management tip. Thanks for sharing 😀

  5. Annetta Powell says:

    @ walker:

    Hi Walker, Facebook and Google+ are 2 of my most favorite social media sites. I’m glad you’ve seen the difference of the two and how each affects your business. For others, it works the other way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😀

  6. Annetta Powell says:

    @ Logaster:

    That is very true Logaster, that is why I update my audience with best practices as time goes by. I know that what works best today can easily be outdated the next days. So, just like you said, it is best to research on the methods that work and better yet share these with your audience. Thanks for dropping by 😀

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