Have an Entrepreneur Mindset, Not an Employee Mindset (how to change from thinking like an employee to an entrepreneur)

Most businesses start from a single dream which then gets replicated over to others who are employed by the initiator. The verdict to become a successful entrepreneur always depends on an individual’s mindset. One should always endeavor to be the person who looks for resources and lays the foundation for others to tap into, so that they can also achieve their goals and, in the process, find ways of improving their own lives and those of others around them.

The decision one makes to become a businessperson can be either tough or easy, depending on the mind frame you have, and the necessary contacts who will be major stakeholders once the enterprise takes root. After making an affirmative decision to become an entrepreneur you need to make a business plan that will be able to survive tough economic seasons and still earn you considerable profits in the long run. Remember that more than half the entire amount of new businesses fails within the initial three years and for yours to be outstanding, only an exceptional business plan will be necessary so as not to become part of this statistic.

To become a successful entrepreneur you need to identify the resources around you, and how to manipulate them to your own advantage. A businessperson is only limited to the extent of the resources which he/she has at hand. For your enterprise to succeed it’s recommended for you to invest in a field that isn’t too expensive so that the business can bear fruit. Many people choose to turn into entrepreneurs due to the freedom that this kind of business affords.

This is opposed to those who have the employee mind set and will only go to school in a bid to get the papers which will assist them to climb the so-called corporate ladder. It takes lots of years for one to earn a considerable amount from focusing on the already established corporate route towards success. However, the entrepreneurship rise to the top entirely depends upon efforts which you employ for the ultimate success of the business.

A typical employee works on a constant basis as he/she trades time for money and has little amounts to save, if any, in the bank. Employees also have to retire at one point or another in their life and this isn’t an awesome thing at all. A self-employed person will own an enterprise for his/her entire lifetime and can even hand it over to the children when they become old enough to run the enterprise.

Entrepreneurs are the people who are known to go the long way just to see that their goals are fulfilled. One thing that sets them apart from others is the drive and determination not to give up, no matter how demanding the venture may be. Employees trade their time for money which isn’t a long-term solution towards success. Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs were at one time employees themselves to earn the capital required to venture out on their own.


Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach


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  1. Paul Bursey says:

    Great website Annetta. Yes it is quite a jump from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur, but it can be done, if someone persists, is dedicated and keeps moving forward every day.

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