Hootsuite vs Buffer: Major Differences and Similarities

I have previously written about HootSuite, but some of my followers asked me about differences between Hootsuite and Buffer. Following are the main similarities and difference between HootSuite and Buffer.


Hootsuite vs Buffer

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Tweet and Scheduling


Scheduling Tweets or sharing in other social networks in HootSuite is done by using the Hootlet (Bookmarklet) which you can find in HootSuite dashboard Tools menu. Once you get the Hootlet to your bookmarks bar, you can easily click on it while still viewing webpage you want to share. You will be presented with a pop-up window which will allow you to choose profile to share it along with an option to send the Tweet immediately or schedule it for later usage via calendar.



After you setup your account, you start by setting your preferred Tweet or social media post schedule. For Buffer sharing, you can get the Buffer bookmarklet for the browser’s bookmarks bar or install the extension for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. While reading an article you want to share, click on the Buffer bookmarklet or installed web site extension where you will get the scheduling – posting pop-up.


Posting on Multiple Social Networks


Hootsuite does allow you to post on multiple social networks at once by adding multiple profiles from desired window on Hootsuite dashboard.



Buffer will allow you to share your content via Buffer Bookmarklet and Bufferapp on several social networks at once just like Hootsuite.


Team Support


Teams are part of Hootsuite Pro and Enterprise plans. Based on your organization need, you can add more team members, of course with additional payment.



Additional 2 team members will be available if you upgrade to “Awesome” package.



Social Media Integration


Fully featured Twitter web application with partial support for other Social Media. It allows users to Browse Twitter streams as well as other social media stream (e.g. Facebook posts, YouTube videos).



Does not have any support for social media account management. You are not able to browse, monitor or change anything  (except the scheduled posts) with Bufferapp.





In HootSuite, you create reports or quick stats about any ow.ly shortened URLs. They are detailed and customizable. However, not all features are free.



In Buffer, you can see your sent Tweets, Retweets, clicks, and overall reach based on your audience and the audience that Retweeted the Buffered tweet.


Integration of External Tools and Apps



Hootsuite has dedicated App Directory with many free and premium applications to install.



Buffer has support for link shortening services like bit.ly. Support for integration of applications does not exist.


Premium Features and Pricing



If you have many accounts to manage and don’t really need enhanced analytics, you can use the free version. Otherwise, it will cost you $9.99 per month for Pro edition and an unknown amount for Enterprise edition because it’s regulated with separate contracts between customer and Hootsuite.



In Buffer, if you have only one profile to manage (one Twitter and Facebook) and only need to store 10 posts at a time, you can use a free version. Otherwise, you can choose between two plans – the awesome plan for $10.00 per month for up to 5 social accounts and unlimited posts in your Buffer.

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4 Responses to Hootsuite vs Buffer: Major Differences and Similarities

  1. JanBierens says:

    I have been using Hootsuite for quite a while now. It suits my needs because I’m not blogging for money. Off-topic maybe, but did you ever try Bottlenose? It’s the tool I use for discovering trends and connections between Twitter messages…

    • Hi JanBierens,

      I’ve been also using HootSuite for sometime now. But I occasionally use Buffer. And for business or people who are blogging for money and have a large team, HootSuite is probably the best option.

      I never heard of the BottleNose and you made me curious. Looks like they have a lot to offer with social discovery and analytics. From a quick look, the dashboard looks neat and very visual in presenting the data. Have to check that out too.

      Thanks for visiting and the comment JanBierens!

  2. Lorenzo C. says:

    This article highlights the differences between the two. Here is one feature that both provide, you can share content to either services by using a bookmarklet or a JavaScript code. This works across multiple platforms. I’ve tested them out on an iPad.

  3. Carolan Ross says:

    Thanks for this excellent comparison between Hootsuite and Buffer, exactly what I was searching for today. I’ll include this link in my blog post about managing social media in less time.

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