Basic Principles of Marketing Management?

It is widely known that marketing is one of the most famous disciplines today. We are talking here about the way to influence positively people and the tools needed to create interactions between companies and consumers. Therefore, we can easily understand that the role of marketing is amazingly important and that the presence of a well maintained marketing department inside of every firm, regardless of its size, is essential.


What is Marketing Management?

Marketing Management


Holding a healthy marketing presence inside any company, as mentioned before, is deeply important. However, what most people don’t come to apprehend easily is that marketing itself should be well managed in order to give the wanted results. Therefore, we come to discuss a business discipline called marketing management.


In fact, and as the discipline’s title shows, marketing management is the basic tool that controls the marketing’s movement inside of a company. The use of marketing should not be freely done, indeed, it should respond properly to a certain number of conditions if we are really keen on having positive results.


On the other hand, the fact that marketing itself regroups a large amount of tools and methods is indeed a call of a managing action to avoid any misuses. Starting from the marketing strategies to the marketing plans, the process could go deeper than you might think. Therefore, there is a real need of supervision that calls loudly the presence of a marketing management unit at every firm.


Furthermore, the marketing resources are limited. Here again, the need of marketing management is deeply significant. In fact, losing the available marketing resources in separated weak actions are some wastes the companies cannot afford.


Also, it is important to underline the fact that marketing management varies from a company to another according to its size and also to the nature of its activities. Therefore, we come to understand that marketing management is a personalized discipline that should be well maintained in order to fit the company’s dimensions.


A deep understanding of the company’s business would certainly lead its agents to develop a successful marketing management. The practical side of marketing includes a costumer analysis focusing on the market segmentation and the concentration on the market target; add to a company analysis interested in its internal environment and then a competitor analysis related to the external environment. In fact, these three types of analysis are all put under the functions of marketing, among a long list of marketing duties including several processes and steps. A logic thought would lead us to apprehend that there is no way all these actions would be done at the same time in the same company without any supervision or orientation.


Marketing management is therefore very important. It is the way marketing activities would be done the best way in the company. Moreover, it is the reasonable tool that might lead the marketing movement inside the company and control its actions and results.


Marketing management is therefore necessary. It is one of the ingredients of success!

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