Organo Gold Scam: Top Twelve Allegations

Have you heard about the recent allegations that pertain to Organo Gold Scam?


 Important Update

October 5th 2012

Looks like Organo Gold is really upset about the article I published “Organo Gold Scam: Top Twelve Allegations”. If you have read through the whole article, I was not violating the Section IV. Organo Gold Distributor Obligations.

Distributors will not disparage, demean, or make negative remarks about the Company, its Distributors, products, Compensation Plan, officers, directors, or employees.

Anyways, Organo Gold sent me this nasty email with this attachment (I have saved it in and you can see for yourself here).

I responded back to Organo Gold stating that I was not accusing the company but defending all the scam allegations online.  You can read my article and find out.

Following is the response I received from Organo Gold Compliance Department. Asking me to shut down my website!!!!

We are requesting that you remove the website and any other online content managed by you that may contain any reference to our trademark.
The recent video you uploaded on the Internet highlights negative impressions of the Company.Your online advertising strategy might be well intended nevertheless it is not aligning with proper representation of our business opportunity.

We request that you remove the website in its entirety and accompany the action with a notarized letter of commitment. Once remedial action is completed we will proceed to reinstate your account.

Compliance Department
Organo Gold Distributor Service
1 877 ORGANO 1 (674 2661)
Monday to Friday 7am – 5pm PST


And this is my response to Organo Gold Compliance Department

To Whom This May Concern:

I am in receipt of your email and unfortunately this will not happen.  I have invested a ton of money into branding myself as well as the Internet.  I make over 5 figures on the Internet alone with everything without Organo Gold so with that said you all can keep my back office closed down.  I believe in Multiple Streams of Income and at this time me losing my brand to become a 100% Organo Gold Distributor is not worth it.

Therefore I will not be signing off on anything and you all have a blessed life.  I am in the process of re-routing all my Organo Gold traffic accordingly.  DO NOT CHARGE MY CARD FOR THAT CASE OF COFFEE ON THE 15TH.  SHUT MY OFFICE COMPLETELY DOWN.


Annetta Powell




Now enjoy my original Organo Gold Scam Article below

You’ve arrived at this page because you are trying to find some truth about these allegations about Organo Gold Scam and what others say about the product, the organization that promotes the product, and why some believe that the whole stint is a scam.


You’ve probably been searching over the internet to find ways how to create a new revenue stream and have perhaps narrowed down your options into several choices and Organo Gold happens to be one of them. Selling the product seems promising, and so you embark on a more detailed research to find out how you can potentially earn from selling the product or joining their network.


Organo Gold Scam Reviews and Negative Feedback



To your surprise, you find out that the negative outweighs the positive. Why? Because there are so many allegations that Organo Gold is a scam. Here are some topics that you may have encountered online that feature Organo Gold Scam and top reasons why not to join:


The truth behind the Organo Gold Scam myth


Actually, the more you read about Organo Gold Scam, the more interesting it gets. Further on you get to ask, why are there so many negative reviews and why all these allegations, lawsuits, and issues? You feel compelled to find out more, and that’s why you are here.
Like any other company that’s going through change and adaptability, friction and tension always happens. Some see it as a catastrophe. Others see it as a challenge. That is what Organo Gold is facing right now. Organo Gold is being challenged because of its recent successes.


Here are a few facts that you might want to know about Organo Gold and the people behind the product

Organo Gold carries healthy alternative beverages which include coffee, latte, mocha, and green tea. These beverages include a 100% organic ingredient called Ganoderma Lucidum.


Ganoderma is a mushroom that is known for its many medical properties. Some of its most known medical uses are remedy for high-blood pressure and for detoxification.


Read more about Ganoderma Lucidum in this article


Organo Gold uses Multi-Level-Marketing. This business method has drastically improved over the years and is considered as an effective means to market products. Plenty of big and reputable brands utilize this technique.


Organo Gold has only been in the market in less than ten years and already it has achieved an A- BBB rating.


Organo Gold online shop is a user-friendly platform that processes your requests, orders, and transactions in a safe and secure connection.


And to answer your worries about Organo Gold Scam — Organo Gold is not a get-rich-quick program. You need to put in a lot of time and effort to achieve your goals. Success in Organo Gold is relative to your determination and your persuasiveness to achieve goals. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either.



In almost every aspect — reviews about the product, news about the company that represent the product, and even the people behind Organo Gold seem to lead you to a series of evidence that lets you arrive at a conclusion that Organo Gold Scam is for real. Let’s start with the product:


Allegations of scam on Organo Gold product and its features


1. Organo Gold’s claim is that it is made of 100% pure organic ingredients and Arabica coffee. Allegations surround that the product is actually made of alternative ingredients which is contrary to what the product claims and that these ingredients may actually be harmful for the body.


2. Critics urge customers not to drink the coffee. Organo Gold causes high blood pressure, depression, and heart disease.


3. Order from an Organo Gold representative and expect to receive the wrong product.


4. Your credit card information is not safe when you order Organo Gold online.


Organizational Structure, Business Methods, and Practice


5. Organo Gold is facing multiple lawsuits because of their business methods and practice.


6. Organo Gold is not a BBB accredited organization.


7. Organo Gold is a pyramid scam which promise get-rich-quick solutions with no real results.


8. Organo Gold is Network Marketing that makes you believe that are you are working instead what they do is take your money by convincing you to buy their products in the hope that you will bring in referrals for them to earn more.


9. Organo Gold is MLM which in the past has been a questionable business practice.



The people behind Organo Gold


10. Organo Gold representatives lure young people into joining their network and then rip off young investors with their time and money.


11. Organo Gold networks make you purchase their products, takes your money with the promise that you become rich the fast and easy way.


12. Many have tried and failed.


Following is a video by Troy Dooly reacting to the false allegations by KRGV about Organo Gold Scam. I am studying all the reports from the FTC about the Organo Gold Scam allegation complains and watch out for that article. Watch the video and download the Free eBook/report that has all the information you need about OG.



My FREE eBook on Organo Gold gives the step by step success tips. Click the image below and get your free copy.

Organo Gold Scam


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48 Responses to Organo Gold Scam: Top Twelve Allegations

  1. Adrienne says:

    Hi Annetta,

    What a great post on Organo Gold. I use to be with them myself so I know for a fact that all of those allegations are not true. They are a legitimate company with a great product and because of their huge success people always have to come after them. I think that’s the nature of the business. There has to be something wrong with it right! Wrong!!!

    Thanks for shedding the light on this.


  2. Ilka Flood says:

    Hi Annetta,

    Great write-up on Organo Gold! Now I have to admit, I don’t know a whole lot about the company other than that some great leaders from another nutritional company I promoted before went over to Organo Gold.

    It seems that oftentimes people scream scam, when they don’t have all the facts. Like I say…“You can’t see the whole picture holding just one piece of the puzzle.” You’ve got to get all the facts. Of course some scream scam to cover up their own failures and then there are those who just repeat what they hear from others.

    And then there’s the jealousy part. When a company starts to excel then and is rising in popularity then there are those who are jealous and do anything to bring them down. It’s a very competitive world out there.

    Again, great write-up and thanks for sharing the facts!


  3. @ Adrienne:

    Thank you for stopping by Adrienne and sharing your personal experience with ORgano Gold company and the products.

  4. @ Ilka Flood:

    Thanks for the comment Ilka!

    Your latest post about “Commitment vs. Involvement in Network Marketing” is absolutely true in the Organo Gold business. When someone get into a network marketing business like Organo Gold, they need to first think if they can commit fully into the business. Getting involved with Organo Gold does not guarantee you any success.

    Like you said, jealousy plays a big factor in the Organo Gold Scam Scream online. I often stumble upon a blogspot blog created in 2009 when I search for something related to OG in Google. Someone anonymous has created this blog and all that blog delivers is untrue. First of all, if you are so certain that Organo Gold is illegitimate and a scam, you shouldn’t be hiding behind the anonymity to write it. If you are so sure about your allegations, why should you go anonymous?


  5. Hey Annetta,

    I think it is great that you brought out both sides of the story.

    I usually don’t examine specific companies, but do encourage people to understand how to evaluate a company before they sign up.

    One of those tasks is to read those often long and boring Policy & Procedure documents. Many distributor expectations and behaviors are outlined in those to protect the company from government investigation due to improper distributor behavior.

    Just one thing to look at.

    Due diligence!

    Thanks for sharing,

  6. @ Karen J Miller:
    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for stopping by and adding your valuable comment in your expertise in MLM and Network Marketing business!

    You are absolutely right about the company policies, terms and conditions, etc. Could it be any business, You need to follow some basic rules and understand the ethical business practices. In most cases, I would blame the person who sponsored the individual. In order to add number, without giving proper company and the product information, individuals are recruited.

    While I was going through the FTC complains against Organo Gold was that ” “Company sends me text messages asking me if I want to make money in the coffee industry”. Well, Organo Gold as a company does not send such text messages to any individual. It is the Organo Gold distributor who is not trained or who has no idea that unsolicited texting to promote a business is not a good business practice.

  7. Amanda says:

    I don’t think that organogold is a scam, but most of the organogold representatives are exaggerating on the income they receive to have more people to join the company. I have no clue as how they come up with the idea of becoming a millionaire by selling coffee and tea. Sounds too good to be true.

  8. @ Amanda:

    Hi Amanda,

    I totally understand what you are trying to say. Organo Gold is not a get quick rich company. You need to work hard and the success and the money is not instant. If someone give you promise of instant success with Organo Gold, you should be looking deeper into it. No-one has made success with Organo Gold overnight. Take a look at the Organo Gold Compensation plan and come to your own conclusion.

  9. David says:

    I really didn’t get it. Are you saying that organo gold is a pyramid scam or it is not not a pyramid scam? I was recently approached by one of my friends and I am in the process of doing the research on the company Organo Gold. Really appreciate if you could answer why this is not a pyramid scam?

  10. Fernando Garcia says:

    I’m an OG distributor, I actually just got started. I can honestly say when I first heard about this company, first thought was that the coffee price was ridiculous. Second thought was, this has to be a pyramid scheme. Once I saw my friends making 2,000/week. Now that was just plain crazy. I became a distributor realized selling coffee is the easiest thing you can do. I began to see the coffee in local restaurants.

    I think success comes to those that work for it. No one should ever go by word of mouth and go by promises other people make of riches. Your life is what you make of it. To blame a company, a person on someones death just because he/she made poor judgement is naive. Sometimes a person has to grow up and learn that life isn’t easy. Life comes with wins and losses. I can’t say 100% where this company will take me but it is helping me make spare change. In life you work for what you want or what you need. If someone hasn’t learned that along the way than he/she will lose a lot or might end up making poor decisions.

  11. Erick says:

    Why is tax evasion scam by organo gold is not included in the list? Tax fraud is one major scam done by organo gold distributors.

  12. Brian says:

    What the organo gold distributor won’t tell you when you sign up is that, the intention of the company is not to make money by selling coffee but make money by recruiting coffee distributors. How many coffee packs do I need to sell to become a millionaire?

  13. Organo Gold Scam says:

    Adrienne wrote:

    I think that’s the nature of the business. There has to be something wrong with it right! Wrong!!!

    Coffee is just a shadow for the true MLM business of Organo Gold. Since there are several guidelines about MLM and network marketing, Organo gold is taking the shield of a product “Coffee” and doing the actual MLM business here.

  14. Cancelled Organo Gold Customer says:

    I cancelled my Organo Gold Subscription 2 months back for several reasons.

    The customer service of Organo Gold is really bad. Try calling the toll free number and see how long it will take a human to answer your call. Email support is really pathetic. I had to wait for days and weeks to get a response from the customer service team of organogold.

    The second reason is the inconsistent payment from Organo Gold. I have a top traffic website and have all the organo gold information. Noone really buys from it. Some months I sell $2000 worth Organo Gold Coffee products and in some months almost nothing. My site traffic says that I have over 60k visitors coming to my website and selling only $2000 worth coffee is meaningless.

    The Third reason is, Organo Gold does not provide a decent website to sell the coffee products. The website they provide is a sub domain and it is not optimized for search engines and you can’t really get any traffic to that.

    And yet another reason, as I do my research I see that many experts are saying that organo gold coffee is not organic. I was selling this product as organic and I do not want to scam anymore people and be part of a scam business.

  15. Chams says:

    I have been with Organo Gold for over 2 years and the scam claims my most people are from the people who failed miserably in the business.

    When you join Organo Gold, you need to realize something very important, this is not a quick money making program. Most of the time what happens is that, the sponsors do not give a clear picture of the company and what the business module is.

    When you recruit someone into the program, tell them the truth. Most of the time only half of the truth is told. No clear instructions are given. If the Organo gold representatives concentrate more on educating the people they sponsor and give them complete training, the failure rate can go down. Over the last 2 years I have recruited about 80 people. The number is not really great. But I can say that all the people I have recruited are still in the Organo Gold business and they are making good progress. I personally picked each of my downline and I trained each of them. Told them the complete truth about Organo Gold.

  16. Edward says:

    @ Chams:
    My sister joined Organo Gold about a year ago and now she acts like she is in some form of cult. I read a lot about the “organo gold cult” and is this something you guys teach the members of your team? She is bothering all the relatives and neighbors with her organo gold cult attitude and forcing everyone she meets to attend the events.

    Apparently, she has not made much success with the business. Now she is doing door to door sale of the organo gold coffee.

    So what do you guys teach the distributors to market the product apart from the cult attitude?

  17. Savannah says:

    It is unfortunate that Organo Gold continue to live in the dark ages and do not understand the power of internet marketing. The nerve of them to request that you shut down your website. I know it cost a lot of money to brand yourself online and looking at how professional your website is, I know it cost a pretty penny to maintain it. It is obvious that your article was written with the best intention. Why would someone who is one of there top performers do anything to hurt the companies reputation. I’m sorry to hear that your back office was closed down by closed minded individuals. I know some top internet marketers who said they did not join OG because of OG failure to understand the power of internet marketing. I do believe that offline marketing continue to be revelant but OG need to get on board with understand branding yourself online. If they think a duplicate website is being part of the internet age, there sadly wrong. Good luck with your future success.

  18. Savannah wrote:

    It is unfortunate that Organo Gold continue to live in the dark ages and do not understand the power of internet marketing.

    Hi Savannah,

    Thanks for the comment. It is almost impossible to promote a product offline and hoping that you will get results. I joined Organo Gold since the products are of good quality. I still do offline marketing to promote my business. But it has got its on limitations.

    Duplication works for an extent. Trying to rank with a sub-domain of Organo Gold website in the search engines is hopeless. 80% of the new new sign ups I received are through internet and the actual retail sale of Organo Gold products came through my own shopping website.

  19. Charles E Boyd says:

    I had a friend of mine, District Atty, check Organo Gold before I placed my membership. He assured me that Organo Gold was a valid MLM and was no different that the Amways, Mary Kay’s and other systems in the MLM Industry. The company has a good product and earning is based on sale of product as the law requires. I am okay as far as money is concerned, but, oi know and I am around hundreds of people that do not have anything. Be it Organo Gold or another MLM, you should be encouraging your followers to get into this industry, because, there aren’t many other options available for most, especially the Black Community.

  20. @ Charles E Boyd:

    I have no doubts about Organo Gold a true MLM or not. Organo Gold products are of good quality but as a distributor when you join the company few things you need to check. Do you really have a marketing plan in place? The company does not teach you how to sell the product. If you are an established marketer, it is pretty easy. Or if you are sponsored by a dedicated person who is willing to teach you the online and offline marketing of the product, you can be successful.

  21. Chris says:

    I can’t say terribly too much about Organo Gold. A good friend of mine (Sean) just got on board with Organo Gold over the summer time. He’s been putting a lot of hours into it, even to the point of driving halfway across the state to post flyers in Aspen, Breckenridge and up in the Denver area. It seems like it’s a solid organization at least within Colorado. I spent a few months carefully researching every aspect of this company and jumped on board myself. It turns out that Rod Smith, of all people, is involved with this. He usually is in touch with Carlos, the head guy at my local office (I live in Colorado Springs), on a weekly basis. Unlike what I’ve heard about other locations, here they train you on how exactly to sell Organo Gold’s products, provide training on sales strategies (they don’t encourage door to door sales though), effective recruitment techniques and quite a bit else. I suppose that’s the direct result of many of the people involved with this company on the local level having already had several years of experience working in industries such as marketing, e-commerce and retail sales management. That’s my two cents.

  22. @ Chris:
    Thanks for the comment Chris! As long as you are trained by your mentor and you really know how to market Organo Gold, you are in good shape. All the best with your Organo Gold adventures.

  23. Tim says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I have been with Organo Gold for two years, after working on 11 other MLMs over the past 25 years. I put in part-time effort with part-time results. My direct sponsor quit and his sponsor is a nice guy and doing well, but not a good trainer. That’s okay. My team grows every month because I am training them based on all my prior bad experience in MLM.

    Many of the allegations made here and in other places are due to things representatives have said that were not entirely accurate. Sometimes that may be on purpose, but I think many times it’s because people don’t properly educate themselves or listen to their mentors. For example, in the beginning I was telling everyone that the coffee was organic. It is not. There is one product that is 100% organic (King of Coffee, my favorite), but the other coffee products are not. I was saying that because I heard my sponsor say that. But a prospect who did their own research corrected me and after I did my own research found that they were right. I made the adjustment to my presentations.

    I don’t recommend OG for everyone and I don’t recommend MLM for everyone. But most MLM businesses are NOT scams. They are different vehicles and individuals need to find the right vehicle for their needs. For some people, MLM is completely unsuitable but they just can’t accept it. For people like myself who have an entrepreneurial spirit but don’t have the money to sink into a business, MLM is a great opportunity to build a viable business. Personally, I believe that Organo Gold is the perfect vehicle for me.

  24. Mark says:

    @ Annetta Powell:

    Hi Anita, I hope you are well and think your article was well written.
    I have a friend that is in this company and I attended a meeting and it was rather intresting, but one thing I love to do (probably becasue i am such an engineer and super analytical) is to analyze comp plans, companies and see the various numbers in terms of how things work.

    I have some questions I would like to ask you about Organo so that I am able to do this analysis.
    Would you email me at and I’ll ask you the questions. I have quite a few lol 🙂
    I look forward to some great conversations!

  25. Peace and prosperity,

    I believe as you do Annetta, a marketer should have multiple streams of income. I am an Organo Gold distributor. I recently created a website to explain the health benefits of coffee and organic tea. Of course my site is generic and I can write about health related issues and market any health related products I want. Company replicated websites…as you already know, don’t make the grade with the search engines.

    • Hi Randy,

      Thanks for the comment. Your own site looks good and it has lots of information about Organo Gold company products and the health benefits. Nice to see that you have a disclaimer too on each page. All the best with your Organo Gold adventure!

  26. Dr Bob says:

    @ Annetta Powell:

    We would like you to be on the launch team for our direct selling program. It’s designed to be the best company in the industry!

  27. Aurore Jones says:

    Yes indeed, what an excellent blog post, captivating. If only they knew how much business you brought to them.

    I have been following your blog for some time and you always provide incredible value and your passion for the company will not make you forget that multiple streams of incomes are far better than only being a REP for a company.

    Well done and Have a Wonderful New Year 2013. God Bless you Annetta.

  28. Catt Cantu says:

    I attended a seminar in Loveland, CO last night to learn of OG.. and those people scared the peeps outta me! All that tight smiling!!

    I could see a table full of stacks of OG magazines and literature directly behind the girls greeting the newcomers, so I asked for some to read while we waited for the seminar to begin. She replied, “There’s nothing to read. I’m sorry.” WTF?? Neither I nor any of the new people got anything but an order form masquerading as a sign-up sheet. So what was all the magazines and pamphlets for– DECOR?!

    I tried to ask questions about how it’s done. Basically, they want you to buy a big batch of their products and give them away to people to try and persuade them to buy eventually… I’ve known drug dealers with the same method.

    I won’t be buying into the pyramid scam. They all looked and acted too much like cultists.

  29. LADY DEE says:

    I JUST READ ALL THE INGREDIENTS ON THE PACK OF CAFE LATTE. Nothing organic. Seems to me all the ingredients are very unhealthy for you. I was thinking about getting involved with the sales of the product, but if I will not drink this myself, I cannot sell to anyone either. I can now understand why the founder of this company do not drink his own product. Good luck to all who drink it,

  30. koro says:

    @ LADY DEE:
    you are beyond ignorant if you think those ingredients are harmful. Anything and everything you eat is not gonna be 100% pure good vitamins and/or minerals. And to FYI you do need SOME sugar and SOME fat in your diet in order to be healthy and get energy. Bottom line, one packet of the Organo Gold coffee is not gonna have so much sugar or glycerides to make you gain weight, less alone give you a heart attack.

  31. Elmer Mata says:

    @ Annetta Powell:
    The only problem I see about Organo Gold is it’s distributors and method of alluring people. Personally, I believe that they have an amazing amazing product, and their pay system is superb, but I got into it not because of the dream they sell, I got into it for the business opportunity. Organo Gold is a great company, the problem lies in some of the sponsors who in being blinded by fast money begin to hype up people in their presentations (which isn’t the problem), and this is a great way to reel your money in. The problem lies when all these people are lured and the sponsors don’t inform them of how to effectively and simply work the system so in the long run your money multiplies.
    For example, as you know this is not a get rich scheme.
    But when you put the chips in place, the money has a snowball effect.
    Me personally have taken the product and the system and have made a simpler system so my distributors can be successful as well.
    Also set it up and training my distributors in a fashion where they don’t get corrupted and do the same stupidity the ones before me do.
    I’d like to email you a pdf of my plan if you’d like to see it.

  32. BOB WHITE says:

    @ Catt Cantu:
    I agree with you 100%. I had the same experience in Houston last night. In my opinion, this company makes their money from the people who buy the packages at the seminars.

  33. JMV says:

    I agree with you 100%. A scam can be smelled miles away.

  34. A. Hafiff says:

    Hey thanks Annett, I was about to jump into the ORGANOGOLD wagon when something stuck my mind to peep into the well being of the business, the ill treat and how it was overcomed to enlighten the issues.

    Thank you for preparing this side and it’s content. Please allow my team to use it during our marketing plan. Thanking you

    A. Hafiff
    OrganoGold Malaysia

  35. A. Hafiff says:

    @ Elmer Mata:

    Hi Elmer, could you share and email the pdf to me at
    Thanking you

    A. Hafiff

  36. I totally agree. I invested in the system and never made a dime. I also developed high blood pressure after drinking this coffee (my family has no history of high BP).

    Great article! Thank you!

  37. The Moguls says:

    Thanks for the post.
    It’s really ironic…Mostly sad that people would spend this much time and energy worrying about a single company. Most who commented are BROKE, LAZY, and know everything about everything. Name me any other company that ever existed that made these many Black Multi-Millionaires in under 3 years? An thousands upon thousands on high 6 figure income earners? I’m listening….. Now, for all you productologist that’s still living at mom’s house, have a successful trip on your shopping spree at Wal-Mart today.

  38. Kim Smith says:

    @ Ilka Flood:

    Wow I love your comment on, we cannot be judgemental by holding just one piece of the puzzle. I was venturing into the Organi gold market as one of their distributor. Personally I have to feel strognly about the product to impress others. This is a good unbiased review. Thanks for the heads up, it indeed is of great help to many of us.

  39. Adrian T says:

    @ Elmer Mata:
    Hello Elmer, could you please send me the pdf you talk about.

    thanks in advance

  40. Mirta says:

    @ Tim:
    Are you still involved with organo gold?

  41. Joe Stewart says:

    Awesome Organo Gold review you put together here. We will see how they hold up in the future with all their new competitors in the Ganoderma/MLM market such as Ganolife, Gano Excel and many more.

    I’ll see you at the top!

    Joe Stewart
    Author of Create Your Own Economy

  42. Hey Annetta, great Organo Gold Review!
    I really enjoyed the information you have here!
    Keep up the great work! I’ll be back for great info!

  43. Nehisi Ankh Sekhem says:

    @ Elmer Mata:
    I am a OG Dist. I know just how you feel because I felt the same same way but I am interested to see what methods you have found effective to train your organization.

  44. Ingrid O says:

    PLEASE do research, be careful, OG is not really so much about the coffee as it is about the recruitment, that should tell you something.

    the cjm with all the flashy cars and reports of 5,000 a week are fine but this can’t be gauranteed, in that case wouldnt everyone who had a decent cup of joe put it into a package and sample it and get rich within a few months? the main customer is the people who are already invovled in OG, why do i say this, well didnt they have to buy a starter kit, ranging from 50-1300 bucks, the samples also come from one’s own stash, more product consumed. then they insist on putting you on “autoship” so you get more product every month, so youre the main consumer making money for ur “upline” those higher in the pyramid than you,

    by the way, what makes t his coffee different? the ganoderma, h ow much of that is in the coffee, nothing about percentages is listed on the sachets.

    like most pyramid schemes you have to get in early to make significant money, most people dont have the time/ strategy or network to bring in that many people. those at the top make the money. LIke most pyramid schemes, most of those involved, especially at the bottom LOSE money, yes you lose money having to buy the product over and over again, and not moving product. Make whatever deicision you like but THINK before you get involved in any MLM/ Pyramid scheme
    Think before you get involved in anything like this.

  45. Playmedia says:

    I was introduced to OG by a friend but i a still have second thoughts about it.
    Thanks for your review…..I am waiting and watching.

  46. Thomas Jones says:

    @ Amanda:oh… it’s so very true…Coffee is the most consumed beverage on the planet..only second to water….. Most traded commodity besides the math…

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