How to Build a Successful Social Media Community

Many people who are in the social media just have a few friends who they do not even know well. They only chat and then log out after satisfactory interaction and discussion. They need to form a community to which they can belong to. There is no way that you can have so many friends yet you cannot trace anyone of them.


The best thing is to ensure that you trace all your friends and ensure that you form a social media community to which you will all belong to. This can be done with a lot of vigor and enthusiasm. However, it is not that easy unless one is able to establish a procedure which he/she will follow to build a successful social media community.


A social media community is not just the people you chat with. The community may be made up of natural human beings, legal personalities as well as countries. These are the people or institutions that you have managed to befriend from time to time and they have conceded to your advances. They will be combined to make up your social media community.


Guidelines to Build a Successful Social Media Community


Avinash Kaushik shares his four key metrics that digital marketers should consider when measuring the success of their social media campaigns:

Conversation rate
Amplification rate
Applause rate
Economic value

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Firstly you have to acknowledge and appreciate all those who heed to your call and go ahead to accept your request to join your Social media Community. The moment they accept or follow you send a thank you note, you can possibly send a simple text and say “thank you”. Just remember a journey of a thousand steps begins with first step.


Ensure that anyone that joins you Social Media Community weather of any Caste, Ethnic background, Religion or country is treated with utmost respect and courtesy. Engage them throughout and ensure that they are not getting bored with you at any given time. By doing so you are creating a Social Media Community which if bound to be successful in time.


Keep in handy tips of ensuring that no matter what the situation, all your friends and followers are made part and parcel of the Social Media Community unconditionally. Let them disqualify themselves but don’t allow yourself to delete them. It may make them have a negative attitude towards you hence denting your image.


The more you befriend your followers the more they are likely to introduce other serious members to your Social Media Community. Ensure that you have only like-minded members in your Community since other will only end up bloating the list for nothing.


If a Social Media Community is made and maintained properly, no amount of intimidation by hackers and other unfriendly people can stop you from enjoying the fruits of the community that you have formed and joined. When you form a Community everyone is likely benefit from the community in terms of new ideas, new friends and at times the community may be a source of business if you have a right targeted group of people. Last but not the least enjoy the Social Media Community that you have built.

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4 Responses to How to Build a Successful Social Media Community

  1. Mike LaCava says:

    Couldn’t agree more!

    I takes a whole bunch of work to grow a social media community. However once you have a rock solid community, things really begin to take off.

    Your take on hackers is one I have not heard before, but it makes total sense. If you have a strong community that loves you and your content, then you will have a much better chance of bouncing back if some catastrophe was to happen.


  2. Ben says:

    reminds me a lot of Seth Godin’s “Tribes” – its not easy to make your tribe but put the time in and they can do amazing things for you.

  3. Annetta Powell says:

    @ Ben:

    That is very true Ben. Thanks for dropping by.

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