Social Media Today with Marketing Purposes

Likes, share, chats, tweets, blogs… Familiar?

This is the new generation social media. Today almost everyone is going social on Facebook or Twitter or  LinkedIn.

What about you?

It’s like the world has shrunk into a small screen on a laptop or a mobile.


Social Media Today

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Social Media

Today’s generation has risen above television and magazines. For getting to know the world it takes interest in joining the news chat group on twitter. For raising voices against any political issue they create forums on Facebook. There are different approaches to all what’s going around in the world.


Entrepreneurs want to endorse their business, marketers want a piece or a large chunk of pie, clients have to be captured, market research has to be done, and feedback are to be taken, all through social media. Convenience and efficiency is what social media has added to people’s lives. On one hand it can make you reach out to a huge audience, on the other hand it makes you one of the target audiences.


There are many levels as to which social media can be used. It can be used on a personal level, just for socializing, or if you want to promote a business or to create a brand awareness or simply for the purpose of marketing, or maybe for creating a support group for a cause, discuss and verify about a product or service that you are looking to buy, etc.


There are some people who are always craving for knowledge. There are some who just want to be in touch with old friends and acquaintances. Whatever the reason may be, individuals want to be active on social sites just so that they are familiar and in touch with what’s new and happening.


When the views and opinions on such a huge audience are accessible on a social platform anyone would be glad to have it used as a marketing medium.For example if a company needs to launch a product it can reach a wider audience through social media. Site like Facebook and Twitter have a huge following and if used properly can give a huge boost to the sales and credibility of the brand.


Let’s take an example as to how grand social media can be. According to Ford’s 2009 Fiesta Movement campaign, Ford was preparing for the reintroduction of its car in U.S. Joint efforts were put in by marketing, the c-suite and communications. Ford came up with a brilliant idea to lend 100 fiestas to selected recipients who would discuss their experiences with the car through the social media.


Now, As per the data, the drivers posted more than 60, 000 articles regarding their cars, which attracted more than a million hits, around 4.3 million views on you tube. The campaign which cost around $5 million created a brand awareness of 37% before its launch and was the sole reason for over 35,000 test drives.


This is how useful social media can prove to be if used to its fullest. Huge initiatives and proper channels should be used for desired results.

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2 Responses to Social Media Today with Marketing Purposes

  1. Sarah Park says:

    Hi Annetta,

    You are definitely right. We can almost see the whole world under one screen. This may have positive and negative effects, but if we make the most out of the opportunities social media offers, we surely get a lot of benefits from it especially on business matters.

  2. Annetta Powell says:

    @ Sarah Park:

    I really appreciate you Sarah for always sharing your say on my posts. It’s nice to hear that we have similar perspective on most topics I discuss. Yes, just like anything, social media has its own pros and cons, but we surely can make the most out of it.

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