Gauge the Success or Failure of Social Media Marketing

Obama posted an image on 6th of November, where he is hugging his wife to celebrate his victory in the state of Ohio. As per The Guardian, This picture got re-tweeted over 800,000 times. 3.23 million Facebook users liked it, around 4,00,000 shared it and over 100,000 people are liking it every hour today.


The role that social media played in this US Presidential campaign proved the power that social media marketing holds within. The grand platform, incomparable huge audience, billions of mindshare is just the perfect blends for social media marketing to be successful.


Success or Failure of Social Media Marketing


 Before we go further, lets listen to Jeff Bullas in the following video about his successful social media marketing strategy.

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Social Media Marketing

Again, there is a whole other side to the story. If an entrepreneur introduces a product which is not compatible with the needs of his target market, no matter which strategies he uses, his plan to use social media for marketing is going to fail.


There are a few common reasons which lead to the success or failure of social media. Working in connection with those factors adds up to your success and if they slip out of your mind, all the social media marketing strategies you have panned out will fail.


When the intentions and goals to use the social media are unclear and faded, there is some chance for the social media marketing to fail. It doesn’t work like magic. It’s not like chanting a word or two with a magic wand in your hand, which can grab every user’s attention towards what you are saying.


The process is slow. It may take some time for you to be recognized on any of the social media sites. You will need to be active for as much time as possible whilst creating some value for the users who get in touch with you.


Unrealistic expectation is one of the major reasons for social media to fail


It’s hard to know if the value you are creating for people is reaching their thought processes or not. You are trying to influence people’s opinions. Are they getting influenced? How would you know?


Luckily there are some monitoring tools which can enable you to measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy. Google analytics, Klout media monitor are some of those analytical tools. They help you to know how many people are reading your content, how much time they are spending on in reading which part of your content. All these measures can help you to turn around the failure causing factors to the ones creating success.


If used to its fullest social media can prove to be the best marketing medium the world can ever have. You can use it to create insight, get traffic, improve customer relationships, strategize your brand building methods, quality leads can be generated and above all you can reap revenue.


Everything has its failing points but the grand scale on which social media marketing is affecting the lives of all the users throughout the world, I would say it conclusively adds up to a success story. In the years to come social media marketing will definitely bring approach and sophistication to the field of marketing.

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