Six of the Best Internet Marketing Tools for Webmasters

If you are trying to run an online business without the help of a team of employees, you will need a number of tools, services and software to get the job done when it comes to internet marketing. There are thousands of tools that promise to help you make your fortune but the truth is, there are only a select few that are worth investing in. Many tools are a complete waste of money while others are over-hyped. Below is a list of the best internet marketing tools available. Hopefully, this list will save you time and prevent you from being overly frustrated.


Internet Marketing Tools for Webmasters


Internet Marketing Tools


SiteMap Creator


A sitemap makes it easy for webmasters to inform Google and other major search engines about the pages on their websites that can be crawled by search engine spiders. It is essentially a XML file that lists the URLs of a website along with data relating to when it was last updated, its importance the rate at which data changes and so on. SiteMap Creator allows you to create your own sitemap either manually or automatically. Few people who use SiteMap Creator will ever create a sitemap manually. Why bother when this handy tool can do everything for you? No longer must you worry about creating and maintaining your files with SiteMap Creator taking care of business.




Email marketing is one of the cheapest forms of internet marketing online and also offers one of the best returns on investment. More than 115,000 businesses use AWeber, mainly because it is possible to sign up for as little as $1. This will buy you the first month on their $19 monthly plan. Probably the best thing about AWeber is the fact that approximately 98% of the emails it sends are delivered, a rate that is hard to beat.


The list of features available with AWeber is impressive. For example, you can use auto responders to send an unlimited amount of messages. As new subscribers don’t know your company as well as established consumers, you can build a lucrative relationship with them using a host of emails that are automatically delivered. This helps to build subscriber confidence and trust, making you far more likely to make the sale.


Market Samurai


Keyword research is an extremely important element of any internet marketing strategy. This site promises to show you the four golden rules of marketing that will help you rank with Google. You can utilise their free trial before settling on one of their many packages. Unlike other keyword research sites, Market Samurai offers you a package for a one-time price of around $149. This is appealing because there are no hidden fees or sneaky charges and most webmasters experience success when they use Market Samurai.


Google Analytics


Google have created the best analytics tools on the market and best of all, it’s free! Installing it is easy and the detailed reports help you analyse important data such as number of visitors, length of time spent on each page, bounce rate and much more. There are other excellent features such as tracking the search behaviour of visitors on your site and even ecommerce tracking. All you need is an existing Gmail account and you’ll receive valuable information.


Diacritics Stripper


This is a tool that processes every phrase you type one by one. If a letter with diacritics is found in the phrase, the letter will be substituted with one that doesn’t contain diacritics and the phrase is shown in a result set of phrases. A diacritical mark is a glyph added to a letter such as é. Although some characters with diacritics can be successfully processed and included in code comments, some tools don’t work with them which is why diacritics sometimes need to be removed.


Google Rank Checker


After all your marketing efforts, you want to see where your site ranks don’t you? Google Rank Checker allows you to find out your Page Rank. An estimated 500,000 webmasters use this tool. You are advised to look at the rankings of sites you know over time in order to learn more about how to read search results, understand algorithmic trends and know when changes are being made. Google Rank Checker is quick and easy to use. Not only that but it will also give you the level of insight required to compete with other companies in SEO at a professional level. Watching your rank improve over time is an exciting and rewarding experience.


These are just some of the internet marketing tools that are available online. The majority of these tools are either free or relatively inexpensive. There is no real need to pay a huge sum of money for any of the above tools. When you do make an investment, ensure it is a savvy one that will reward you with a considerable return. From keyword research to analytics, there are affordable internet marketing tools for every webmaster.


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  1. Nice post, i have been using google analytics and google page rank. Thanks for the post

  2. Hi, I think the post will surpass all for its peculiar characteristics. The six tools are most popular and showed your dexterity including here. I like most “Google Analytic” and “SiteMap Creator” parts. Overall, excellent! Thanks.

  3. Whoa! I had no idea I could check my pagerank like that! I use Mailchimp but I think AWeber may be a better solution in the long run..Thanks Annetta

  4. Earl Heflin says:

    Excellent list Annetta. Most of the services on this list, I am a customer of. Other’s I have never tried before, but will certainly be checking out. Thanks for taking the time to lay this out.


  5. Tony says:

    Those are some exceptional internet marketing tools indeed. I’m being using Google Analytics and Google rank checker for two years to make my website marketing campaign successful and so far these tools never failed me. Thanks for recommending best tools.

  6. Howie Perks says:

    Thanks for the great info. An autoresponder like Aweber is a must for all online marketers. One thing that is ultra important is that a marketer understands how to use the follow up emails to add value and not just try to sell!

  7. Howie Perks says:

    Thanks for all these great tools! I will be back to check your blog again!

  8. Makadiya says:

    I was using the Market Samurai and Analytics.. Never use the rest of them before now.

  9. James says:

    This is completely amazing! I love your ideas. Keep up the good work.

  10. JamesWin says:

    Yes the above all mentioned tools are great and in that i used market samurai, really it works great and gives efficient results to my business.

  11. Anne says:


    Thank you very much for sharing this very informative post! All of these are great tools. I am actually using Market Samurai and Analytics. I have never tried some of them. again thanks for sharing this.


  12. Marketing says:

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  13. Annetta Powell says:

    @ Rajkumar Jonnala:

    That’s awesome. I hope you’re doing well in page rankings. Thanks for dropping by.

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    Thanks for the wonderful remarks. I hope it helps

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    You’re welcome. Now you can give it a try so you know your ranking.

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    @ Earl Heflin:

    You’re welcome. Thanks also for reading this post. Yeah, it’s time to give these a try.

  17. Annetta Powell says:

    @ Tony:

    It’s good to know that you have used some of these tools to check your ranking. Yeah, might as well try the rest of these so you’ll have a better idea of how well you are doing.

  18. Annetta Powell says:

    @ Makadiya:

    Now you can give the rest of these a try too 🙂 Thanks for reading my post.

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    That’s great to know. Thanks for reading my blog.

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