Tweet to Meet: Twitter Marketing Tips to Meet Your Business Goals

Tweet to Meet: Twitter Marketing Tips to Meet Your Business GoalsSince its creation in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Twitter has gained so much popularity that it has now more than 100 million users in every corner of the world. Due to its significant rise in both popularity and membership, Twitter is currently ranked by Alexa as 11th most visited Web site in the world.

In fact, Twitter has conquered the hearts of the masses, the rich and the famous and everyone who loves the new method of microblogging, which is about sending brief messages, known as “tweets”.

Today Twitter is slowly conquering the world of business advertising. In its simple and easy format, anybody can actually send out communication in a bit sized information to all his friends who are uniquely known in Twitter as “followers”.

When used to promote a business, a new product or services, you as a business owner can highly benefit from Twitter because you are given the opportunity to communicate with your followers in a whole new level. In using Twitter to meet your business goals, you have to follow certain marketing tips to ensure success in microblogging while you promote your business for free!

• Send out interesting tweets, not spams! Before you start sending out tweets, take time to know the basic difference between sending interesting tweets and posting spams, because it will later define if you will succeed in Twitter marketing or not. When you send out interesting tweets, you are giving your followers relevant, meaningful and readable information at the right time, so expect that your viewers will read your tweets and look forward to your posts. On the other hand, when you start sending out unsolicited bulk messages, no one will care to read them. This is not an effective marketing strategy if you plan to promote your business by sending out spams. No one will follow you.

Think before you send out tweets. There is a thin line of difference between spamming and not thinking when sending out tweets. In fact, when you send out irrelevant posts, you are actually sending out spams. Your challenge, therefore, is to know what kind of information you need to post. If you are promoting your business, then carefully craft a brief yet interesting tweet that will ignite the curiosity of your followers, then be ready to communicate with them as they follow and read your Twitter feed. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ensure that you promote your business effectively the first time. Grab this chance.

• Promote your product only when you can. First and foremost, your ultimate reason in joining Twitter is to tweet to meet new friends. In fact, this is what Twitter is all about, a social networking site maintained by sending out threads of tweets. If your primary objective in joining Twitter is to promote your business or Web site, you are in the wrong place. Although it is possible and very effective to send out tweets regarding your product and services, remind yourself that promoting your product and services should be secondary. In fact, it is also good to post relevant information about your industry, company or business. It is highly discouraging when you are focus on tweeting for 1 topic. You need to give your followers a variety of interesting tweets that can enhance their lifestyle.

Follow relevant feeds. Following relevant Twitter feeds is your share to the community. In fact, when you start following a new feed, the owner of the feed is instantly notified about you following him or her This is now another opportune time to promote your business or services. Wait until you have the opportunity to promote your business or else you will be crossing the line.

From the time it was launched, Twitter has come a long way. And as Twitter continues to climb the ladder of success, you too can go up the ladder to meet your business goals. To know more how you can utilize social networking sites to your advantage, please subscribe to my blog.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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  1. Hi Annetta. Great post on Twitter! A lot of people only get on just to promote their business and it’s great to point out that this shouldn’t be the first reason for anyone to join twitter. I look forward to more of your posts.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Ryan Jelley says:

    Great post Annetta, I have not really seen the importance of Twitter up until now. I can really see how you can stand out from the crowd by not spamming.

    Thank you for providing such a simple laid out plan on how to use Twitter!

    Ryan Jelley
    The Fruitful Networker

  3. Annetta this is a good post. Twitter is full of bots and spammers so you really have to be careful who you follow or your whole time line will be advertisements. But being realistic you do want to promote yourself and your product. I always suggest the 25% rule. This states that only 25% of your twits be about business the others interesting facts and quotes that amuse and empower people. I have gained a lot of followers this way.

    Steve Shoemaker

  4. Mohamed says:

    Hi Annetta ;

    It is a valuable post , i agree with you that Twitter is first for branding yourself and building new relationships

    Best regrads
    Mohamed Fawzy

  5. admin says:

    Thanks for putting the resources to use, make sure you spread the word!

  6. admin says:

    I am sorry about that you can go to Thanks!

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  8. site bookmarked and shared on facebook, I’ll post my feedback on my profile too

  9. Etieno Etuk says:

    Awesome post, Annetta. This is exactly what people need to know about marketing on Twitter, especially those who are new to it. Thanks for sharing.


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