Getting Twitter Traffic with Almost No Self Promotion

All Twitter users are trying to increase the popularity of their profiles, some of them are doing it wrong while others do not care. There is no doubt that social networks are the basis for building the popularity on the internet, but for success – knowledge is required.


Twitter Traffic



As I said earlier in my post “Social Signals for SEO” all social media posts contain “nofollow” attribute, and as such do not participate in the SERP’s, so all my, your posts will not attract the attention of people that are searching content through search engines. How do we get more attention? By sharing quality content and by following communication rules!


How to Promote Twitter Profile and Attract More Followers?


In society, there are good and bad practices. Many Twitter users are using various methods to gain popularity. Some of them are very extreme like buying Twitter followers, creating thousands fictive accounts and some others. This is obviously the wrong way to increase the popularity. It may seem good at the beginning, but in a long term it will be disastrous.


There are many right ways for promotion. What matters is the way you communicate with other Twitter users. Without good communication, no matter what you do, will not end well.


Twitter Communication Best Practices


Quality writer does not need to worry about his/her Twitter profile. It will naturally become better and better if heshe is following general communication rules. Those rules are nothing else but high-quality interaction with others. This includes:


  • Being generous and engaging with your followers can bring lots of response.
  • When you generously share others content, they share your content
  • Making a list. Create the list of people who are generous to you
  • Share their content in return, but make sure that you share the content related to your niche.


Frequent interaction will surely bring you more followers while inconstant – rare interaction will do the opposite.


My Triberr Story


To help my Twitter profile and become noticed by the relevant people who may be interested in my blogs, I’ve decided to use Triberr. Triberr is a great web service, of which I previously wrote. It gives you an opportunity to see your content being shown on another blog as a guest post. The most amazing part is that this same Triberr Enables content to be shared with its own comments.


I’ve managed to join 12 Triberr tribes that have 560 tribe-mates, and given that they all share my content to their Twitter followers, range of people that now have access to my tweets consist of 8,176,754 of people! Can you imagine having 8 million Twitter followers?


After checking my monthly statistics, I’ve noticed that number of referral traffic through Twitter has increased by 145% last month, which is amazing. My tribe-mates  have willingly decided to Retweet my blog posts because they found something that matters to them. So, by following the rules of communication and Triberr service, my Twitter profile has become more visited than ever before with over 40k of followers. And you can see in the screenshot below that Twitter is the No.1 referral traffic source.




There is no doubt that content needs to be presented to the high number of people, but it has to be a natural progression. Radical methods like: buying followers or similar is not something you need. Your communication frequency, content you post must be of high quality, and after some time your profile will evolve by itself.

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15 Responses to Getting Twitter Traffic with Almost No Self Promotion

  1. jessica says:

    I’m a big believer in “you get what you give” – both online and off. congrats on the 145% increase, phenomenal results!

  2. Giving out of love and wanting to help is key (in my opinion) to great success in business and life in general.

  3. Mark Walsh says:

    Thanks for the information Annetta

    I haven’t got too deep into Twitter as yet. I have an account and about 90 followers that all came organically. It’s something I need to look at once I’ve got a couple of others things out of the way.

    I’ll back-track through your previous posts as you seem to be offering great information

    Thanks again


    • Thank you Mark for the comment. With Twitter, it is a slow process. You may not see results immediately. It does not matter if you have only 90 followers or 900k followers. It is all about how you treat and interact with your followers. Treat your followers well and they will treat you better.

  4. Annetta,

    I have joined Tribber about 2 months ago. I’m still trying to figure things out. But as a newbie to the platform, I’m not sure if I am being shared.

    My dear friend has brought Tribber to my attention and I was lacking the Twitter platform. So I joined. I syndicate my tribal stream, but not sure if they are returning the favor.

    I won’t give up…I just need Tribber for dummies…


  5. Thanks Annetta.

    This post was quite an eye opener to me. Creating a Triberr account is now on my to-do-list.

    Just one question about Twitter communication frequency if you don’t mind. I’m quite new (2 months) to Twitter and I’m not sure I’ve found the right level yet. In your opinion how often should you tweed to stay interesting – but without being percieved as a spammer?

    • Thank you for the comment “Inside my Rocket”!

      Few things I noticed after going to your Twitter profile. Don’t be an egg head in Twitter 🙂 get a profile picture. Nobody will take you for serious in Twitter when you don’t have a profile picture. I also found a big difference in follow/follower ratio. You are already following over 1k and not many followers. Once you hit 2k and if you do not have enough followers, you may not be able to expand your twitter profile.

      So cleaning up the profiles you follow could be a good thing to focus. Follow profiles that have a tendency to follow back. And regarding frequency of the Tweets, you can start with low and as you gain more followers, you can increase the frequency.

  6. I was missing lots of twitter traffic, but now I am using twitter and getting decent traffic in very less time.
    Twitter is awesome.

  7. @ Annetta Powell:
    Great input Annetta. Thank a lot.

    You are for sure hitting my two Twitter soft spots. I need to take care of both asap.

  8. Robert says:

    Oh here it is again – Twitter and Triberr. I see this combination a lot but somehow I haven’t yet managed to utilize Triberr for traffic generation. Is there any secret I haven’t yet discovered? 😉

  9. Annetta Powell says:

    @ Robert:

    Definitely! So, I suggest you keep on exploring these tools. Good luck Robert, and thanks for the comment. 🙂

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