Where to Publish Your Articles Online? Find Your Niche Directory

Article marketing tipsWhere to publish your articles online can be a frequent bother if your articles receive a low rating; but if they are of high quality and subsequently receive a good rating, they will then receive generous exposure.

Although ratings change with time, which then changes the ranking, the following directories should provide an answer for where to publish your articles. They should provide a platform to kick start your campaign to market your articles:

Publish Your Articles Online to the Following Sites


Ezinearticles.com is for your original work to be exposed to a wider audience. Categories of articles covered in Ezinearticles are:

  • Business – Accounting, careers, agriculture, marketing, advertising, sales, public relations, security, franchising, branding, retail, networking, strategic planning, supplies, innovation, human resources.
  • Games – Online games and computer games.
  • Computers – Computer hardware and software, data, programming and viruses.
  • Law – legal issues covering copyright, criminal law, custody of children, immigration laws, patent law, intellectual property rights, personal injury, cyber law, divorce, trademarks.
  • Automobile – Lorries, cars, motorbikes, purchasing, selling, parts and repairs.
  • Finance – Loans, credit, budget, tax, bankruptcy, debt, credit, wealth, leasing, debt management.
  • Arts – painting, animation, music, tattooing, poetry, performing arts, body decorations/piercings.
  • Relationships – dating, friendships, commitments, separation, divorce, love, communication, sexuality, wedding, domestic violence, affairs, engagement, marriage.
  • Travel – camping, car hire, sailing, outdoors, accommodation, airline.
  • Investment – stocks, retirement, trading.
  • Communication – cell phone, internet broadband, radio, voice of internet protocol (VOIP), fax.

Publish Your Articles Online in ArticlesBase.com for Recognition

ArticlesBase.com for recognition of articles touching on issues including beauty, entertainment, hobbies, law, shopping, marketing, spirituality, writing and sports.

Publish Your Niche Articles Online in Suite101.com

Suite101.com – articles featured in its ranks include education (advantages of higher education in determining career success, books), health (brain cancer, symptoms of Cushing syndrome, meningitis), history (Nebraska floods, social networking), home (food wastage, necessities of a pregnant woman), business (rise and fall of brands, loans, simplification of financial statements), politics (unemployment in the US, anti-terrorism), sports (the 2011 women world cup, rugby world cup 2011).

Publish Your Articles Online in Buzzle.com and be Interactive

Buzzle.com is a news hub and, it is an interactive forum for authors sharing with readers. Articles posted on this site involve family, sports, food, astrology, insurance, philosophy, diet, careers, media, and poetry.

Publish Your Articles Online in Helium.com and Enhance your Skills in Niche

Helium.com is where when you write, you get published also enhance your skills. Topics dealt with here are about education, vehicles, foods, gardening, jobs, fitness, family, sciences, lifestyle, beauty, travel and others.

Publish Your Health Related Niche Articles Online in Articlenatch.com

Articlesnatch.com links different internet sites and has features about health (nutrition, aging, yoga, exercise, acne, dental health, disability and beauty, among others), cancer (all types of cancers including skin, breast, leukemia, colon, lung cancer etc).


GoArticles.com – Value articles on advertising, law, media, health, internet, investment, news and shopping, etc.


ArticleAlley.com – is for health articles, shopping, real estate, automobile, recreation, pets, sports and more.


ArticleDashboard.com – is for real time articles tackling the internet (blogging, SEO, etc); diseases, society, self improvement, vehicles and politics.


SelfGrowth.com – for self improvement articles, community, spirituality, diet.


IdeaMarketers.com – contains articles on issues like architecture, news, parenting, money, writing, gifts and politics.


Amazines.com – is for advice on religion, cooking, government, motivation, export and import.


Isnare.com – this site contains free articles on short stories, culture, black humor, world affairs and others.

You may also want to checkout these following sites to publish your articles online.







Most of the sites for publishing articles deal with almost similar issues. Please leave a comment and let me know your experience with these online article publishing sites and your review.

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  1. Mindaugas says:

    That was a nice one. Do you know any goos article directories what is specialized for web design articles and tutorials? Thanks indeed.

  2. @ Mindaugas:
    Almost all the sources I have mentioned in the article would be having a section for webdesign and blogging. There are several blogs that accepts guest bloggers and you can provide one of your tutorial and get back-links as well as some readership for your main blog. The commentluv plugin in this blog has a guest blogging platform and they accept all tutorial materials as guest posts.

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