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Money can be the difference between struggling through an unhappty life and living the life of your dreams – a life filled with fun and excitement. I should know I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum.

I’ve had a 9 to 5 job where I struggled to pay my bills and I’m now a successful real estate investor and Internet marketer with multiple income streams. I have to admit life is a lot less stressful now.


Are you interested in obtaining true wealth – the kind of wealth that will allow you to do what you want when you want and that will let you rest assured that your

family is provided for?

If so, I can help. In fact, I’ve already helped thousands of people succeed beyond their wildest dreams in both real estate investing and Internet marketing. Here’s what one of them had to say recently:


“I had always dreamed of financial freedom and since partnering up with Annetta, I have been able to stop working and start working my way to a fortune! You must be driven and you must be focused. With those 2 things, she will take you beyond your wildest dreams.” – Angela Johnson


I’ll show you how to invest in real estate the right way – in other words the profitable way – and I’ll also show you how to create multiple streams of income so you won’ t have to worry about losing everything like so many did during the real estate crash. I’ll show you how to minimize risk and practically guarantee that you achieve success.


So what are you waiting for? work3


I am only looking for the brightest and the best!

There is no room for failure. This is all about paving your road to financial freedom!


My time is extremely valuable and I only work with people who are serious about building additional income.I am looking for the team players, leaders, action takers and people who areready to make their dreams come true.

I can assist you in building wealth from home part time or full time but you must be someone who is coachable, teachable, trainable, willing to take action and willing to grow.

If that sounds like you then fill out the application below and I will personally call you back within 48 hours if I think you are coachable, teachable, trainable, willing to take action and willing to grow. I look forward to working with you.



Wishing you much success,


Your Professional Success Coach
Annetta Powell

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