YouSayToo and Content Curation: Did You Say Too…?

Imagine if you could assemble all your favorite contents in one well-maintained place. Imagine if you were able to read and write, comment and share at the best communicating area in the easiest possible ways without having to open many websites at different tabs and have your screen filled with dancing unorganized windows. This chaos is certainly not one of the conditions you need to evolve and develop new skills at writing of reading and criticizing. In fact, we deeply think that all you need to grow bigger at this domain is YouSayToo.



What is YouSayToo?


Lets hear from David Kononovs, the creator of YouSayToo about the services offered in the site.

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The concept is easy to understand. In matter of fact, YouSayToo is a well-maintained platform that enables its users to gather their favorite blogs in order to be able to read them and interact with their writers at one same place. The source of the idea comes from the fact that in one same blog we could encounter several categories of contents, and we are not obliged to be interested in all of them. Actually, we cannot be interested in all of them because the natural rule says that there are always some best posts that attract us the most because they respond the best to the person we are or to the categories we operate in. It is for this reason that YouSayToo has been set up.


The way of using this platform makes this experience even more interesting. The main thing is about sharing your passions, and the best way of sharing at this matter is by being both the content creator and other creators’ reader.


On the other hand, YouSayToo gives its users the opportunity through its options to curate with their writers and readers fellows. Your passions will be at the center of this platform and you will be able to create and build spots around all what you like the most. The value of the content is evaluated by you and only you. This power could not be given to you by another platform than YouSayToo, at this is one other reason for you to use it.


Also, YouSayToo puts you at another well considered post that involves the editorial power. If you have always dreamt of being an editor, YouSayToo will make your dream come true!


Rating the content of other writers and sharing your own posts will be very easy. The main idea of this platform is to enable the users to gather their best contents at one same place and have an amazing liberty of writing about what you find valuable to be said, reading what you feel like you need to know and evaluating the value of every content using your own standards. It is another way of creating and elaborating your own world and putting every written piece at its best spot.


YouSayToo is another great creation of online marketing. It is a platform you cannot afford to miss. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to discover this website and use it for your best interest in order to have a high exposure and evaluate other writers’ contents. It is important to keep in touch with the world!

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